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In this video i will be explain about Fitness assignment tools

3 Component of Fat loss / weight gain




Percent of distribution Diet: 50% , Training:25, Sleep:25

3) why do we gain Fat?

Excess calorie

Unhealthy diet

Not burning excess calorie

4) BMR: Basal metabolic Rate

Definition: amount of calorie requires for day today activity (simple)

For example: Total calorie required that your body need to perform the life sustaining function in your body include blood circulation, breathing, cell production, nutrition processing, protein synthesis and iron transport.

Calculating process BMR

For Men: 10* weight in kg +6.268* height in cms-58*age in years+5

For Female: 10* weight in kg +6.268* height in cms-58*age in years-161

BMR calculation:


Weight =90kgs

Height =166cms


Men = (10*90) +(6.25*166)- (5*30) +5



Female = (10*90) + (6.25*166) – (5*30)-161



BMI (body mass index):

Definition: BMI is derived from body of the mass (weights) and height of the person.

Its is defined from body of mass divided by square of body height

Units:  weight in kg/ height in meter square

Calculating The overall mass on your body


metric unit

Weight (kg)/height(m)^2

English unit

703*weight (lbs.)/height(m)^2

Calculating BMI

For example:

Weight =90kg/198.41lbs




Muscle building definition:

Role of training

Training any muscle will increase your size however, the muscle won’t be prominent from outside until the fat depots under the skin are Reduced

Diet play a very import role with the right balanced diet such as higher protein consumptions to build muscle and calorie diet to reduced fat percentage, higher muscle can  visible